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Introducing the SIG Sauer SD Silencers

by SGN Online Editors   |  January 18th, 2013 25

SIG Sauer introduced its own line of suppressors at the 2013 SHOT Show, rolling out its SIG Sauer SD silencers. The SD line includes 9mm, .22 rimfire, 7.62 and 5.56 models. The 9mm model is designed to run wet—good for 12-15 rounds wet—and runs with most 9mm pistols. The .22 rimfire model can be totally disassembled for thorough cleaning and boasts an extremely light weight. The 7.62 model also runs .300 Blackout and .308 cartridges and is sold with a lifetime guarantee, as is the 5.56 silencer, which is hearing safe even with sonic ammunition. Both the 7.62 and 5.56 models include a built-in wrench and can easily be torqued to 200-inch pounds. The SD silencers will be available between February and April; prices have not yet been determined. Check out the video from SHOT Show.

  • Bob Hartenstine

    Will we need a federal permit to own a SIG Sauer SD Silenser

    • jake


    • John

      any suppressor requires a Class 3 permit to own, you will also need to check your state and possibly local ordinances to make sure they are not banned in your area.

      • Jason

        I can only speak for Texas, but "any suppressor" does NOT require a CLASS III permit. I own 3. It does, however require a tax stamp. Which is $200 and requires completed paperwork and a background which generally takes 6 months

    • SgtOli

      You dont need a permit or license, but need to fill out paperwork and pay the ATF a $200 tax stamp. Once approved you go to your dealer and pick up your suppresor.

  • Anthony

    What about one in .45?

  • Jay

    Always need the Stamp to own a suppressor…

  • S T U D

    I entertain the idea of Silencer ownership but, the State of California will not allow it. Federal crime here in the Golden State.

    • dave

      Its not a "federal" crime if it only affects the state…

  • Jason

    Ughhh.. I live in Texas and you DO NOT need a Class III permit to own one. You have to buy from a Class III dealer, but do not need a permit of any type. Just a $200 check to the ATF an the completed papereork and background check.

    • Double D Gunworks

      but don't get caught with it and not your paperwork…

  • Jim

    Not to bash anyone or anything, but isn't the whole "silencer" thing one of those "dirty words" that conjures up the image of the sneaky Bad Guys that are creeping around ready to commit the next mass shooting? Shouldn't we be using the better (and more appropriate) "Sound Suppressor"?

    • John

      Or maybe the very appropriate: suppresor

  • Caleb

    Silencer is to Firearm as Muffler is to an Automobile, you can still hear it, but it is much quieter! Wish they were legal in The California nanny state. =(

    • Brian

      Contemplating a career as an assassin or something?

  • Randy

    Never heard of havring to buy a stamp or pay $200 for the background check but every state is different. I live in Ky and to my knowledge if you can pass the background check you can buy all you want. Our gun store here has a large assortment of suppressors. They are really effective on. 22's all you hear is the gun cycle the round. Pretty nice.

    • Double D Gunworks

      they are regulated by federal law in all states

  • Brian

    As a Gun Nuts yourselves, would you please explain to me what the purpose of having a “Silencer” on a civilian weapon would be? Does it improve your hunting or target practice skills in some way? When fighting off the bad guys who have invaded your home, is it helpful to “suppress” the noise when you blow them away so as not to wake the kids and neighbors?

    I don’t get it.

    • Theo Stall

      ” … Does it improve your hunting or target practice skills in some way?… “–
      YES, it does. I suspect you’re just another anti-gun nutjob,– but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. ! I just returned from South Africa hunting. MY outfitter had the same
      rifle I was going to bring, a SAKO .270 , with a silencer so I used his. It
      turns the *boom* to a *crack*, ( so you and your companions don’t have to wear big headphones, especially with larger calibers) –AND it reduces recoil too, helping with accuracy!–( not that the .270
      has a big kick, but what a pleasure to shoot). Additionally, the smaller
      more uni-directional sound is also more narrowly focused from a 250 degree arc down to about a 40 degree spread so it doesn’t put
      other game in the remaining 320 degree circumference on the run. NOW , if this was a legitimate query for information, you understand. –BUT–If you are just another anti-gun Nutjob, you won’t reply or you’ll reply with the standard left wing attack like—

      ” well if you can’t bla bla bla…” and ” if you need to bla bla bla then you should bla bla bla…” the standard uninformed garbage mantra arrogantly trying to force YOU’RE ideology on other Americans. —– But I sincerely hope you were genuinely interested in real world experience on the subject.

      • Brian

        I’m an anti-unregulated gun nut advocate.

        So you’re going with the “it makes hunting easier” reason for needed a silencer? Is there some reason you NEED to hunt? And tell me where in the Constitution you are given the right to own ARMS for hunting purposes?

        • Theo Stall

          Wow you really are retarded–read the second amendment numbnuts–There is certainly no “REASON YOU need to breath–you just think that yo are entitlen to subject the rest of the workd to your personal beliefs and you are a fool for that. typical–think your smart with a BS question and are dumfounded by a cogent reply. As I suspected, just another irrational anti-gun nutjob… see ya!

          • Brian

            I have read the Second Amendment as well as the Authors’ intentions behind it.

            The Founders were opposed to a permanent standing military so they wrote Article One, Section 8, Line 12 to prevent it.

            In the absence of a standing military, they wrote The Second Amendment to provide the mechanism for National Defense.

            It was the unconstitutional “DC vs Heller” SCOTUS decision which illegally rewrote the intent of The Second Amendment, replacing the context of National Defense with self-defense.

            But even the Heller decision, as fundamentally wrong as it is, still allows for a modicum of regulation on who has access to guns.

            The Second Amendment in no way sought to codify the right to own guns for the purpose of hunting, target practice, self defense, or collecting. It is solely about building the mechanism for National Defense.

    • JW

      Would be easier to shoot in the basement w/o alarming the neighbors.

    • U b U

      It will save your hearing if you frequently go to the gun range, specially in an indoor range. It’s an added protection to prevent hearing loss.

  • Theo Stall

    I just returned from South Africa hunting. MY outfitter had the same rifle I was going to bring, a SAKO .270 , with a silencer. WOW! It turns the boom to a crack, AND reduces recoil too!–( not that the .270 has a big kick, but what a pleasure to shoot). Additionally, the smaller sound is also more narrowly focused to about a 40 degree spread so other game in the remaining 320 degree circumference aren’t on the run.
    I have to get one. I hope SIG opens up in caliber offering on these.

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