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Nickel a “Bullet” Tax Proposed in Chicagoland

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  October 18th, 2012 17

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle carried out her threat to propose a “bullet tax” in the county’s 2013 budget.

Thanks to profligate spending and rampant corruption by previous regimes, Cook Co. faces a massive budget shortfall that Preckwinkle is closing by layoffs and a barrage of new taxes, including a $1-a-pack cigarette tax, a “use tax” on anything worth more than $2,500 brought into the county, an $800 per machine tax on video poker machines, a $25 per gun tax on firearms and a nickel a “bullet” tax.

Preckwinkle contended that 29 percent of the guns used in Chicago crimes “are purchased legally in suburban Cook,” the Tribune reported. “We’ve got terrible problems with straw purchases and other ways of getting guns in the hands of criminals.”

“I make no apology for this,” she added, before making a reference to a popular comedian. “As Chris Rock would say, if it costs a million dollars to society for every gunshot wound, we ought to charge a tax of a million dollars per bullet.”

I think most all of us will applaud Preckwinkle’s efforts to clean up a budget deficit left by the corrupt Stroger dynasty that formerly ran Cook Co. But she is likely to discover that, unlike cigarettes and video poker machines, guns are constitutionally protected. There will be court cases, and lots of lawyers on both sides will get big  paydays.

The projected proceeds from this violation of the the Bill of Rights? $1 million a year.

  • quintonwoj

    Golly Batman… A Democrat proposing higher taxxes…Against products and services she doesn't use I would suspect boy wonder…

    • DAVE

      Maybe a $100.00 GANGmember tax would balance the budget…or a $25.00 gun tax if that came with a gangmember hunting permit…

  • Starky

    You can't fix stupid, but maybe we can tax it or them.

  • Charles

    How about a knife tax? Baseball bat tax? Don't forget taser and mace tax. And why do those drug dealers get away with distribution without a business license and permit to sell on the street. Tax them all.

  • r rnkn

    if it was up to me,i would give cook cty to canada

  • George Wilson

    Don't live in Chicago. you guys are all fools for living there. Move to Texas or to the rural areas. They won't change until you do.

    • Jesse

      Just don't bring your politics. ;)

    • Mojo

      Will you fund my move to Texas?
      Amazing that you solved the whole problem with a inane statement like that.
      Yup,anyone living in cook county ( Not just Chicago) is a fool…,and it must be all our fault.
      If you dont like things,dont stand up,and try to fight it-lets take your advice,and run away.

      • drjekyl30

        How do you figh it? By voting these people into office and they repay you with a tax on freedom. But yet they remain in office. So how will you fight it? Enlighten me.

      • James

        It is YOUR FAULT for allowing yourselves to and buying into be taken over by the "Chicago Machine" and for buying into the Liberal BS that anything can be "Fixed" (refer to Chicago Machine) by Big Government and Big (Tax $) Money being thrown at it or away by it ("This thing I got is ****ing Golden, also refer to the Chigao Machine). Remember, the more people on welfare, they more they OWN you.

  • Mike D Hylton

    You get what you deserve, you stay and suffer the folly of living there, no one feels sorry for the Lib cities any longer, i hope chitown goes bankrupt and closes up,,it is a cesspool

  • LJS

    I couldn't wait to get out of cook county but I finally did but if you wanna be robbed of every cent you make from taxes made up by crooked politicians live in cook county

  • sjVette

    Why not have a fast/fat food and alcoholic tax (drunk drivers) while you're at it. Imagine all the tax pay money spent on fatties and alkies. We could solve heart attacks and deaths from wrecked cars. Those liberals are so smart.

  • KAK

    We can only hope the lawsuits that result from this discourages anyone else that feels a tax like this will result in a net gain.


    How about a nickel a word "Politician Tax"??

  • KEK

    If you pay state and local sales tax of 10.5%, Illinois 5%+ City of Chicago 5.5%, then any bullet over 47 cents already has a nickel tax. If only the City of Chicago's 5.5% then any bullet over 90 cents already gets a nickel tax. What are they doing with all that?

  • Guest

    How about a dollar for every lie told by all politicians?

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