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Should You Name Junior After Your Favorite Gun?

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  March 17th, 2014 20

It appears that Americans are increasingly naming their babies after their guns. According to Laura Wattenberg of the Baby Name Wizard Blog, there has been a huge increase in the last decade in naming infants after firearms trade names.

“I cross-checked lists of firearms terms and manufacturers with names given to five or more babies in the most recent statistical year (2012) and/or 10 years earlier (2002). I ended up with a list of 15 gun-related names, including brand names like Ruger and Colt as well as general terms like Gauge and Shooter. The decade-long popularity trend was crystal clear:

“Every name on the firearms list rose significantly over the 10-year period.

“The average rise was over 500%. Five names which didn’t appear at all in 2002–Beretta, Browning, Savage, Trigger and Wesson–showed up on the 2012 list.”

Wattenberg judiciously pointed out that names like Colt and Cannon might not actually be firearms-related, but it’s hard to avoid the conclusion that names like Beretta, Kimber and Ruger honor those manufacturers.

I guess we should have seen this coming when people started tattooing themselves with the Browning buck logo or the Ruger eagle. I’m not so sure I think permanently inking a company name on yourself or naming your child after a business enterprise is ever a great idea, but clearly brand loyalty is strong in some people.

Wattenberg also astutely put the cultural aspect in context:

“Some gun owners perceive their lifestyle as being threatened by those who don’t understand them or share their values. Choosing a gun name, then, can summon up happy memories of hunting with your dad–or be a statement of cultural defiance. It’s an in-group statement, designed to speak to those who share your cultural touchstones.”

There’s no question that naming Junior something like “Galil” or “Sturmgewehr” expresses your position, though I’d suggest it preempts him a bit from having his own position.

But, as Wattenberg notes:

“Consider, too, that gun names were always popular for dogs, suggesting that a love of guns is nothing new. A foxhound named Trigger would never have surprised anyone. Today, parents are more willing to “pull the trigger” on that kind of eye-catching name for babies, too. Just as we’re naming our pets more like children, it seems that we’re naming our children more like pets.”

My advice: name him Bob. It’s spelled the same way forwards or backwards, you never have to explain it, and you never have to worry that some company head will take a Rose Garden meeting with a Democrat president.

  • Johnson , dick

    My Grandbaby’s name is Kimber…..Yes, she is a girl.

  • rimfireromeo

    I think its screwed up people wanna bitch about naming your kid after a gun but its perfectly fine to name them Mercedes or porsche or even Lincoln for that matter hell I know a a guy named Windsor after a ford motor hell you never see anyone getting bent outta shape over that people need to leave us alone

    • SuperMammal

      Yep it’s where rednecks and thugs have common ground, naming their kids after things and possessions.

    • Billy BoB

      I named my second Crawdad, Skeeter, and the last Worm. My daughters name is krater.

  • petru sova

    Think of the child not your selfish self. Keep politics out of kids names. Its about the stupidest idea I have heard of. In todays society kids have enough trouble finding jobs or fitting in and saddling them with something like a gun name spells trouble for them for sure. Its not the 1930′s or 40′s its the anti-gun 21st century and that’s not going to change for a long, long time if ever.

    • Billy BoB

      To you I say name him Sue if you think the name is so important, Bob or bill jack or jill anything but Sue…… how do you do Sue? Rutger or Ruger so what….Nice name My boy is Thor, is that alright/ Poor kid…..

  • Broz

    How do you do??? my name is Sue!!! Johnny said it all…Be kinda tough signin’ yer name 10/22!!!

    • E. Zach Lee-Wright

      I know two brothers (real brothers) in Memphis who are named Lacey and Vonzelle. Both are 6’7″. Lacey weighs in at 300 (basketball player) while Vonzelle comes in at 400 pounds (got through high school on a football scholarship). Mom must have been channeling Johnny.

  • SuperMammal

    Gonna name mine MP5. Really though, stop naming your kid after things in your house. Naming your kid Mercedes or Lee Enfield is no different than naming your kid Shasta or GrapeDrink. It shows you value house hold items more than your child.

    • Billy BoB

      Has to be a biblical name or your a pagan athiest or something.bad like a demon. david, john, luke, Matthew, jesus, mary, Hercules goliath, samson, dalila, moses, damien, luther, mark, Ceasar, Hector, Kane or able, Goerge Bush or maybe a daughter named monica. Maybe some one should try to name there kid Swastika, That would be cool.

      • 101nomad

        Richard Head?

  • E. Zach Lee-Wright

    Well, there are worst things. I live in the Memphis area and we have a guy running around here whose name is pronounced “Shi – the – ad”. Spelled the same way too, just without the hyphens. We also have a pair of twins known as “Or – rang – a – lo” and Le – monge – a – lo” These names are spelled “OrangeJello” and “LemonJello”. We also have a well known woman here by the last name of Mothershedd. It is often reflected that she should have named her son “Shi – the – ad” making Shithead Mothershedd but so far we have been spared. Gotta love it.

  • jccmp5k

    my son’s middle name is Uziel. Thank you mister Gal.

  • celticwaryor

    How can this author say Colt isn’t actually firearm related? Good grief! That’s the first name I thought when I read the headlines.

    • Billy BoB

      A Colt is a baby horse, Bambi would remind you of a gun would it? But it laugh if they named him/her Calf…. Kit goes, Pickle would get their attention. Pepper yeah but Tomatoe? Chili, Ice Tea, but Yogurt?

      • celticwaryor

        A foal is a baby horse. and for your 43, my Colt is a 1911 and it’s right beside me as I type this comment. Did you name one of your kids BB…as in BB gun!
        Colt firearms have been around for a long time and they won’t be going away anytime soon. What company do you think made the first M-16s? I’ll give you a hint, it has four letters and starts with a ‘c’ and ends with a ‘t.’

  • Yellow Devil

    How about Mug? Mug Costanza. That’s original. Or Ketchup. Pretty name for a
    “I’ve got fifty right here in the cupboard… How about Bisquick? Pimento? Gherkin? Sauce? Maxwell House?”

    • Billy BoB

      Jiffy, Peanut butter, Olive oil.Idaho Red,

  • 101nomad

    More than a few should have been named, “Mistake”. (with the exception of me, of course.)

  • Richard Wallace

    Not a good child name, good for the next Labrador or Chessie though!

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