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Solving Scope Mounting Problems With Burris Pos-Align Rings

by Gus Norcross   |  August 26th, 2013 0

Yesterday, when zeroing a Savage target rifle for a customer, I found the scope elevation turret to be almost at the end of its adjustment range at 100 yards. Only about 2 moa elevation remained available for longer distances. The Bushnell Elite 6-24X scope was mounted with two-piece windage adjustable Burris bases and Burris rings. A really nice looking target/varmint rig.

I could have replaced the bases with a Picatinny 20 moa rail to gain elevation but then I’d have to swap the bases and rings, adding cost to a simple job. Also, I think standard bases and rings just seem to look better on certain rifles. A bench rifle doesn’t need big ol’ chunky tactical rings and a long slotted mil-spec rail.

The simple solution was to swap out the standard Burris solid steel rings for a pair of Burris Signature rings. Signature rings look like the standard model and fit the same Burris bases but they are machined to accept Pos-Align inserts. These synthetic inserts surround the scope tube and act like a bearing, eliminating any stress caused by misalignment of the mounting system. We lap scope rings to eliminate stress on the tube but these inserts provide full ring contact without lapping.

The main advantage of the Pos-Align system is point of impact adjustment using different thickness inserts. The inserts included with the rings are marked ì0î for no point of impact change but they are available separately in plus or minus 5, 10 and 20 moa sizes for elevation and/or windage adjustment. Inserts are always installed in pairs of the same value.

For instance, in this case I wanted a bit more elevation adjustment so the front ring bottom insert is a -5 capped with a +5. The rear bottom half is a +5 capped with a -5. This setup should result in a 10 moa gain in elevation. An insert kit for gunsmiths including 10 sets of each size is available through Brownell’s (part #118-626-024).

Pos-Align rings are available for both Burris and Weaver style bases. They solve scope alignment problems without imparting stress to the scope sometimes caused by shimming bases without lapping. Next time you look at used scopes inspect them for ring marks and dents from poorly installed rings and/or bases. Scope damage is an indication the original owner didn’t use Burris Pos-Align rings.

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