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Top Gun marksmanship training system

TOP GUN Marksmanship Training System

by SGN Online Editors 0

TOP GUN Computer-aided Marksmanship Training System allows users to practice in any indoor space with their own unloaded gun of… more »

Brownells Buttstock Kit

Brownells AR15/M4 Buttstock Kit

by SGN Online Editors 0

Fits any standard AR-15 rifle or carbine lower receiver. Kit includes buffer tube, receiver lock plate, lock nut, toe-mounted steel… more »

Voodoo Bolt Carriers

VooDoo Integral Bolt Carriers

by SGN Online Editors 0

The VDI Integral DI Carrier eliminates the potential for carrier to key separation due to carrier key screws stripping, fracturing,… more »

Steiner SBAL-PL

Steiner SBAL-PL Light/Laser for Pistols

by SGN Online Editors 0

Steiner announces the SBAL-PL combines a green laser aiming module with a 500-lumen white-light illuminator. Its low-parallax allows the operator… more »

Spitfire MX.01

Spitfire Armory MX Ghost Ring Sight System for Mossberg Shotguns

by SGN Online Editors 0

Designed for Mossberg 500, 590, 590A and 930 shotguns, the MX Ghost Ring Sight System features front and rear sights… more »


Kinetic Development Group MREX Forearms

by SGN Online Editors 0

Kinetic Development Group has released an impressive lineup of MREX forearms for the popular FNH SCAR and H&K AR series… more »


FN EXPERT Training Device

by SGN Online Editors 0

The FN Expert can be mounted to any MIL-STD 1913 rail surface or attached directly to the barrel and works… more »


Safariland 537 GLS and 547 PRD Holsters

by SGN Online Editors 0

Safariland‘s 537 GLS and 547 PRD Open Top Concealment Belt Slide Holsters feature Safariland’s unique Grip Lock System (GLS) that… more »


SilencerCo Introduces Saiga Adapter for Salvo 12 Suppressor

by SGN Online Editors 0

SilencerCo has introduced a new adapter for their Salvo 12 shotgun suppressor, allowing for quick attachment onto Russian-made Saiga 12 and Vepr 12 shotguns. The… more »


Great New Shooting Gear for 2015

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

The annual SHOT Show is a perfect time to debut new products, but firearms often steal the spotlight. That’s a… more »

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