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BATFE: Guns Used in Chicago Crimes Didn’t Travel Far

by Robert W. Hunnicutt   |  August 28th, 2012 11

One of the truisms endlessly repeated by anti-gun politicians is that the “lax” gun laws of rural, Republican-leaning states undermine the “tough” gun laws of Democrat-controlled large cities.

Sounds plausible enough until you actually check the figures. BATFE data studied by the Chicago Police Department showed that 28 percent of guns used in local crimes were bought in nearby suburbs, with 43 percent being bought in Illinois.

Illinois requires a Firearms Owners Identification card to purchase, or even handle, a firearm at a dealer or gun show. Even private sellers are not allowed to sell a gun without inspecting the buyer’s FOID card.

Indiana, which has very gun-friendly policies on concealed carry and Title II firearms, and borders Chicago on the south, was the source for only 18 percent of the guns traced, while Wisconsin, the second-closest state, accounted for just 4 percent.

It is a local tradition in Chicago to blame just about anything on downstaters who live much closer to Arkansas or Kentucky than to the Windy City. But in this case, the Chicago suburbs, many of which are closely aligned politically with the city, are the source of almost a third of Chicago’s crime guns.

  • Roger

    As a life long Illinois resident I find that it is standard Chicago policy to blame anything but themselves for the woes of our state. Illinois(Chicago) government has ALWAYS been a problem. I suggest we adopt strict TERM LIMITS for all political offices or lol ..make the 8 counties that comprise the Chicago metro area a "city state" and separate the from us! Just a thought.

    • Txt


      As a life long Ill resident in the Chicago area, I don't like Chicago any more than you do. I also like the "City-State" idea, but I would limit it to Cook County. The so-called collar counties don't like Cook or Chicago either.

    • Fillmore Bass

      sad thing is, I can see Chicago's police system being curput enough to take weapons from the evidence locker and resell them for profit.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    So what? if these same guns could be easily sold to, and owned by, honest citizens the problem would be diminished. As long as Chicago prevents folks from exercising their Second Amendment rights; it's open season for criminals.

  • eric10mm

    So, Chuck's has the best deals?

    • Robb


  • Rsmfirearms for all your firearm needs! 815-566-4686

  • RD Jones

    Isn't Obama from that area??? Wonder what he charged Chuck's to stay in business?

  • Jeepers Creepers

    So it sounds like if I have an "F.O.I.D." card I can be legal to own any title 2 firearms. Where can I get my FOID so I can buy and cut down a 12 gauge side by side to a 8 inch barrel and be legal.

    • osakis

      Even if Ill. did allow such a firearm, It would be a MAJOR no-no from the BATFE. Can you say Federal Felony charges. Never to be allowed to possess or hold firearms for the rest of your life.

  • Rick Story

    Funny how the neighboring states with freedom have lower gun crime rates…..every time!

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