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New Guns & Gear for 2015


Canik TP9SA Review

by James Tarr

Just about two and a half years ago, I reviewed the original TP9 from Canik 55, and this past year,… more »


Shotgun News 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by SGN Online Editors

Every year, we at Shotgun News look forward to stuffing our stockings and giving gifts with some of the greatest guns… more »


Direct Impingement vs. Gas Piston ARs

by James Tarr

During the 1980s and ’90s, gun magazines were obsessed with contests. The obsession didn’t lie with giving away prizes but… more »


Sako TRG M10: A 21st Century Sniper

by David Fortier

While Sako’s TRG 22 was a fantastic sniper rifle when it was first introduced, it is very much a product… more »


Hornady Heat Shield: More Than Just Hype?

by David Fortier

I will always remember talking to a rep in the industry after he left his gig at a famous bullet… more »


The Go Bag

by J.M. Peterson

This article appeared in the June 2013 issue of Be Ready! To purchase to the current issue of Be Ready!, click… more »


Sig Sauer Legion Series Introduced

by David Fortier

If you’ve seen this video and it has sparked your interest, don’t worry, we have you covered: I was contacted by… more »


Geissele’s New Super Precision Optics Mount

by David Fortier

Bill Geissele exploded onto the AR scene in 2004 when he started building National Match triggers. It wasn’t long before… more »


Shotgun News Writer Patrick Sweeney Wins ‘Big 3′ Award

by David Fortier

Shotgun News was present at the very first Big 3 East Media event back in 2007, and we have attended… more »


Five AK Accessories to Modernize Your Cold War Comrade

by Jim Grant

The first modern sporting rifle I ever bought was a piece of junk. It was an extremely ammunition-sensitive AR15 in an… more »


Old Warrior: The L42A1 Enfield Sniper Rifle

by Vincent Buckles

The year 1982 was one of many that comprised the drawn-out twilight of the crumbling British Empire. Since its entrance… more »


Freedom Ordnance’s New Belt-Fed 9mm Upper

by SGN Online Editors

Sure, you’ve seen belt-fed machine guns on the internet before, but how about a belt-fed AR-15? Chambered in 9mm? Well, Freedom… more »


AK Accessories: Great Sidemounts for Your AK

by David Fortier

Wandering about the 2015 SHOT Show, I was a bit surprised at just how popular the AK platform remains. Despite… more »


Breaking: SilencerCo Introduces New Suppressors and Gear

by Jim Grant

KEY WEST, Fla. – Known for their high-quality products and unwavering sense of style, today SilencerCo revealed four new additions… more »


Inland M1 Carbine Review

by James Tarr

There is no denying that there are huge differences between generations; not in the people themselves, as people are people,… more »


“Be Ready!” Sneak Peek

by David Fortier

It’s that time of year again. As this issue of Shotgun News is headed to the newsstand so is the… more »

Beowulf_200g_Polycase copy_F

PolyCase Ammunition and Alexander Arms Create .50 Beowulf ARX

by Evan Brune

The designers of one of the most devastating short-to-medium range calibers met with the designers of some of the most… more »

hunter stock_F

Magpul X-22 Hunter Stock Introduced

by SGN Online Editors

Magpul Industries just released a stock that’ll make your factory Ruger 10/22 look badass. The new Magpul X-22 Hunter stock is… more »


The History and Function of the H&K MP5

by Vincent Buckles

Most Americans had never heard of Mogadishu before October 1993. In fact, many had never heard of “The Mog” or… more »


M40-66 Rifle Review

by David Fortier

It was a typical Kansas winter afternoon, a mite cold and windy. I was peering down the bore of the… more »