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New Guns & Gear for 2014

Pick up a copy of Be Ready!

Be Ready! Did You Think We Were Kidding?

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

There was some skepticism when I first pitched higher-ups in the company about our preparedness magazine Be Ready!. Wasn’t all… more »

Ruger LH American Rifle

Ruger LH American and Short Barreled Ranch Rifles

by SGN Online Editors

Ruger has announced 11 new additions to the Ruger American Rifle bolt-action family in a variety of left-handed and Ranch… more »

Arsenal’s SAM7K7 Pistol with Sig Sauer Stabilizing Brace

by SGN Online Editors

Arsenal, Inc. now offers its Bulgarian-made SAM7K 7.62×39 cal. pistol with Sig Sauer’s SB15 pistol stabilizing brace to improve the… more »

S&W M&P Ported

S&W Performance Center M&P Ported Pistols

by SGN Online Editors

S&W’s Performance Center now offers a competition ready version of their M&P Pistol with 4.25- and 5-inch ported barrels to… more »

Ruger LCR9mm

Ruger LCR in 9mm Parabellum

by SGN Online Editors

Ruger has expanded its line of Light Compact Revolvers (LCR) with a version chambered for the popular 9mm Parabellum cartridge…. more »

Extreme Beam M600 Fusion

ExtremeBeam M600 Fusion Flashlight

by SGN Online Editors

The M600 Fusion is capable of projecting a wide-set beam to distances of 330 meters. The reflecting cone not only… more »


Blackhawk SERPA CQC Holster

by SGN Online Editors

Blackhawk now offers their SERPA CQC holster for the Springfield XD-S pistol in 9mm and .45 ACP with a 3.3-inch… more »

Secret Service Agent Listens To Earpiece, Shoulder

A Perfect Storm of Not Good Things

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

In the shocker department, a recent Associated Press-GfK poll shows that Americans are a lot less confident in government’s ability… more »


Blame NRA for Ebola?

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

Violent rhetoric against the NRA has been all the rage for 50 years, and it’s hard to be surprised by… more »


Video: Krebs Custom OP-14

by SGN Online Editors

Built for and distributed exclusively through Circle 10 AK, Inc., the new Krebs Custom OP-14 offers remarkable modularity from an AK variant…. more »


Media Parses Oklahoma Beheading

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

In Moore, Okla., a recent convert to Islam who’d been fired from his job decided to follow the example of… more »


PTR Industries SCCR

by SGN Online Editors

PTR Industries announces its new PTR South Carolina Commemorative Rifle (PTR SCCR). Chambered in .308/7.62 NATO, it features a nickel… more »


LaserLyte LT-LR Trainer for .22 Caliber Firearms

by SGN Online Editors

LaserLyte’s LT-LR installs from the muzzle of the barrel and fits tight with the use of LaseLyte’s patented arbor and… more »


Buybacks: Guns Come from Closets, Not Streets

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

We all hate gun “buybacks.” Part of that is the name, which implies that guns are being bought “back” from… more »

Brownells AR15 Buttstock Kit

Brownells AR-15/M16/AR308 PRS Buttstock Kit

by SGN Online Editors

This fully adjustable stock and comb for AR-15/M16/AR-Style .308 rifles readily adapts length of pull and comb height. It features… more »


Paul Allen: Another Anti-Gun Hypocrite

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

Paul Allen is the less well-known founder of Microsoft, and has used his billions to buy, among other things, the… more »


TRUGLO BRITE-SITE TFO for 1911 Pistols

by SGN Online Editors

TRUGLO introduces its new 1911 Model for the BRITE-SITE TFO (Tritium/Fiber-Optic) family of handgun sights. The new BRITE-SITE TFO handgun… more »


Out of the Mountains: The SAWS Sniper Rifle

by Gus Norcross

Earlier this summer I traveled to the small town of Whitefield (population 2,306) in the White Mountains of New Hampshire… more »

Policeman Accepts Bribe

“Just Trust the Police:” Here’s Why You Can’t

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

Ask an anti-gunner his plan for personal security and his answer is likely to be “just count on the police.”… more »

little girl aiming a big gun

Bad Idea: 9-Year-Old & An Uzi

by Robert W. Hunnicutt

A Lake Havasu City, Ariz., firearms instructor was killed when a nine-year-old girl lost control of an Uzi submachine gun… more »